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JanSport "Always With You"

JanSport came to us for a global campaign that stretched across multiple platforms, expressions and activations to build relevance and momentum going into the back to school season?. I distilled it into a simple ask. How does JanSport meet their consumer where they are, in a natural way to help build relevance and momentum going into the back to school season?

Over a year long process, I lead our team in each step of our process from strategic development, creative concepting, creative direction, design, copy writing, execution, asset development, tone of voice, talent recruitment, wardrobe styling, experiential event design, etc.

We put the consumer at the forefront of everything we did as we built JanSport up as a platform for storytelling, with the simple idea how your backpack has been a witness to your life. Our strategy was lead with 4 influencer partnerships and 4 consumer lead stories that were all brought to life in a "under produced" native way, shot on iphone as well as on cameras trending with the consumer like early 2000s point and shoot cameras. We want JanSport to meet their consumer where they are and show up naturally on the trending platforms so the campaign doesn't read as over produced advertising.

Converse Scrap Punch

Converse "Made From"

An experience of Converse’s culture of experimentation that explores the possibilities of what can be made with the bits, pieces and scraps of the things that once were.

The goal of "MADE FROM" was to communicate the culture of experimentation while showing the emphasis point of material processes for 3 new products.

Concept: "If we all make waste. What can waste make?"

"MADE FROM" consisted of 3 launch films for each product technology that was laucnhing, a media event hosted at Converse C4 Innovation Lab and bespoke packaging design for seeding kits of the Upcycle Velvet Product.

Responsibilities included Creative Direction, ideation, design, execution and install  across film and event. Packaging designed by my team based on direction.

Converse Upcycle Velvet

Converse Max Grind

Converse "Make A Chuck, Send A Chuck"

"Make A Chuck, Send A Chuck" was a digital interactive campaign to increase engagement amongst consumers during the pandemic in a time when the world was shut down and looking for ways to connect. This was launched specifically on Instagram with a template that consumers simply screenshotted, reposted and added or drew whatever they could imagine to create their own Chuck. 

The foundation of the idea is that anything can be a Chuck if you you keep the famous 4 (the patch, toe cap, license plate, pin stripe on the foxing tape). This all derived from some early explorations around some digital sculpting and visual explorations in the margins between projects but quickly showed massive potential.


"Make A Chuck, Send A Chuck" had massive impact, being the most engaged and interacted piece of content on Converse's Instagram ever amongst their 11 Million followers. So much so they had to pause reposting and submissions due to other marketing calendars.

This concept didn't end there. Its inspiration and influence permeated other parts of the business and independent artists. Firstly, it become the foundation for topics of conversation and workshops in partnership with the Boston ICA and their youth art programs. Secondly, it inspired work from trending artists such as Casen Sullivan, who creates chucks out of unlikely materials.