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Made From Media Event

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"If we all make waste. What can waste make?"

The "MADE FROM" event was a media event divided into 3 distinct areas, Center Court, The Workshop and the C4 Innovation Lab. Center Court displayed a platform of experiements that lead to the newly launched product innovations accompanied by 3 distinct viewing areas to view the launch films and have discussions. The Workshop was redesigned as a custom built photo studio for media to be seen with their chosen garment before entering the C4 innovation lab to make it into a pair of Chucks. The C4 lab is a complex state of the art maker space that was used to guide media on creating their own custom pair of Converse's in real time. 

Responsibilities included Creative Direction, ideation, design, execution and install.

Converse "Made From"

Converse X Citadium Paris

Located in Paris, France, Citadium is a streetwear hub housing installations for various brands. Our Converse experience consisted of Wheat Pasted archival posters researched and retouched to fit within our industrial roots aesthetic. The wall installation is accompanied by black metal scaffolding, plywood shoe bricks, concrete plant fixtures, and rachet strap accents.

Tyler, The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw 1st Converse Event Pop Up Concept

A component of a new retail experience I was developing during my time with the Store Design Team was looking for a way to be introduced as a test in the market before installing across North America and Globally. A great place to test is an event with a high level of traffic in a short amount of time. This dual shipping container artist lounge and shopping experience was that concept to house the new retail technology concept that would be at Tyler, The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw.

Converse x Overtime

3v3 Basketball Tournament

The Converse x Overtime 3v3 Basketball tournament was hosted in partnership with Madison Park High School in Dorchester, MA and included a commitment donation their creative programs and building new basketball courts for students.

Converse Rubber Tracks Archive Museum